I sat comfortably at the Marquee, Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt on Wole Soyinka Day excited about the events about to unfold. My phone was fully charged and twitter ready. At the Atlantic Hall just across, an International Literature and culture exhibition was ongoing, later in the day there would be VIPs Read to Children, cultural performances and a play. It was my ideal environment. I was in my elements.

Events commenced at 10 that morning but it was when Wole Soyinka delivered his keynote address minutes later that fingers danced across keyboards feverishly all across the room. It was an electric address and we were sharing it all on twitter. Someone on my TL was posting identical tweets with me. Every pause I missed he caught. I was intrigued. I had to meet this person. A few DMs later we did. At a spot overlooking the stunning pool at Hotel Presidential at the main opening ceremony of the Port Harcourt World Book capital 2014.

‘Hello, my name is Olivia. Olivia Ndubuisi’ I said

I would remember that smoky accent for long, I loved it, ‘hi Olivia, I’m Richard Ali’

From that moment, we did that thing book readers do; overlook every other boundary (religious, geographic, ethnic) and unite under a common book denominator. Richard Ali,@richardalijos, writer, publisher with Parresia Books would go ahead and introduce me as a ‘book blogger’

We met and networked with other writers-Molara Wood, Igoni Barrett and a host of other book lovers; I appreciate environments like the one above, where the ‘Book leads us forward’, I try to create it where it doesn’t exist .I do love to read and coordinate talks about issues raised in books. Yes I have remained friends with @richardalijos , looking forward to events that promote reading, writing, literature and interactions arising from same.

Open a discussion with me and my team here @openbooknigeria

Or me directly @ndubuisithe5th

Good to have you .Thanks for your time. Hope to see you regularly here.







  1. Kenneth · · Reply

    its a shame really i could not make it to portharcourt for the opening ceremony. it looks like you people had mad fun. good to meet y’all Olivia and co.


  2. well it was fun mostly. Good to meet you too Kenneth


  3. Interesting!! Proud of u Olivia…this is just the beginning!! 🙂


  4. Thanks Deinmo. Appreciate


  5. Ike Chima · · Reply

    This is so interesting. This is the first blog of its kind I have ever seen. A blog just for interested book readers. Am so intruged on the forthcoming invents on this blog. Weldone Olivia.


  6. Ndubuisi Amara · · Reply

    Very interesting! Is just the begining. I know you will make us proud. Congrats.


  7. This is the first ever known blog(In Nigeria or maybe the world) that’s been dedicated strictly to the promotion of a good reading culture among the teeming youths of this generation which would mould their comprehension, analysis of events, maybe increase their Intelligent Quotient as well as enhance their vocabulary….this way to go girlie!!!…proud of you ‘livia…let’s all #getinvolved and #openbooknigeria !!


  8. Thanks jorshwa we all should get involved truly.


  9. Chima I enjoy Mary okeke’s blog every time I visit. So maybe you’ll check it out? Thanks Amara for the VoC


  10. Great job Girl, really proud of ya! More grace…..


  11. thanks Onyeka. bless you


  12. priceless D · · Reply

    Good one Olivia, this is so on point…proud of u.


    1. thanks pricelessD. appreciate


  13. patience ogbode · · Reply

    Welldone Olivia. So proud of you.


    1. Okay coming from you that means plenty. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the other posts


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