Don’t Read Dan brown!

Henrietta is a darling. Beautiful, smart, confident and catholic. We were great friends but she had major issues with my book collection.

“Olivia you can’t be reading that book now”, she told me again in that tone you use when your younger brother who’s taller than you misbehaves and you know you can’t do very much to him.
“Ok henrietta why?” I asked

“Apart from the priest at church advises against it, check out the title. The priest says you might lose your faith. Aren’t you worried at all?

Truthfully I’d gotten similar advice coupled with the fact that that particular title was given to me by a lecturer friend who’s popular for his anti-God rhetoric-yes Dr Eze would’ve enjoyed watching my faith squirm

No, I told Henrietta I wasn’t worried at all.
Every time, afterwards, that I would read a book by Dan Brown, her disapproval would be palpable. Like a third person in the room.

This happens a lot too. Nobody bats an eyelid when you’re reading Dean Koontz or fascinated with Binyavanga Wainaina, but Dan Brown? “He’s the president of the church of satan Olivia and Lost Symbol was the height!” A lady told me

Some people’s reservations on ever reading any book by this author is a lot similar to the Ebola pandemonium that gripped my country early yesterday morning- this rumour had started that if one had a bath with very hot salted water(drinking a portion of the same) then they’ll be immune to the deadly Ebola virus! And so a lot of people, some of whom for medical reasons were on a low salt diet, drank heavily salted hot water and had their bath with same. All before 6 am.

For some strange reason, this sudden discovery/ cure for Ebola was neither questioned nor verified and as a result 2 people reportedly lost their lives in Plateau State to the truly sad experience.

Some people will never read ‘Deception point’ or ‘Digital fortress’ because someone who read or heard about either ‘Angels and demons’ or ‘the davinci code’ concluded that Dan brown’s probably related to the devil.

There are specific Dan Brown trademarks I personally enjoy: ~ the impeccable research ( I remember best friend cum sister Jane ukwajiunor @sweetlunny read The lost symbol accompanied by google and loved the experience)
~the race across European cities
~his fascination with art and artworks
~the darling Robert Langdon- main character- and any ubiquitous beauty he works with (one of whom I think he should marry and be done with it )

Yes, I know that right in the middle, the books start to feel like an encyclopedia, I also know from the beginning that no matter how hairy the task or how deadly the assassin who’s chasing them, Langdon and his female companion conveniently survive but I’m happy that I made these discoveries myself.
People’s decision to read whatever genre of literature really should be theirs

And so the faith I have is validated by my experiences and decisions. It isn’t a lecture and so I’m not necessarily looking for a book to make it better(or worse). It will therefore take more than Dan Brown’s  novels to make me lose it. Frankly too I doubt that it will make anyone else lose theirs.

If it helps at all, what is fact or fiction is clearly stated at the beginning of DB’s books. Plus ‘Deception point’ and ‘Digital fortress’ have zero religious content. Those are real interesting books. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to enjoy a story.

Feel free to share your DB experiences in the comments section. I’d love to hear them



  1. Same first Dan Brown was the almighty Dan Vinci Code and I didn’t bat an eyelid when I read it, as a matter of fact, ’twas actually given to me by a catholic! I enjoy reading novels and Dan Brown is one of my fave authors. I have read all apart from the recent one he wrote Inferno. I have a soft copy and that’s the reason I’m still stalling. If you want to read a fast paced book with your heart skipping beats please do open the Dan Browns.
    Ps I’ll also recommend those written by J.K Rowling!


    1. “Open the dan browns” exactly


  2. If your faith wavers ’cause you read a Dan Brown, then it’s certain ypu never had a faith.


    1. Exactly Deinmo.


  3. Oops.. typo!! *you*


  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with d guy’s books. They not only make interesting reads, they’r also very educative and thought-provoking. Yea,I know dats d part dat kinda scares ppl. Buh rili, I’m not a philosopher or anytin buh I think ppl shud give mur thot to d saying “I think therefore I am”. People don’t like to be bothered with things ds daiz. Hell,thinking is way too much work. They enjoy being handed things ; religion,faith,lifestyle,relationships,life itself etc. They take these tins and mur exactly as they are handed to dem and that’s why they feel very troubled weneva smtn like ‘inferno’ comes up. It just disturbs statusquo,lol. THINK. READ. READ DB!

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  5. nobody but jane would’ve said it that way. correct on all grounds. thanks Jane


  6. Ike Chima · · Reply

    Haven’t really been a fan of Dan brown,but I have heard a lot of scary talks about a after effect of reading Dan browns book of which I haven’t seen anyone showing such effects. I think I’ll go read me some Dan brown books soon.


  7. read me some dan brown. exactly


  8. Actually some books are better not read because they can be poisonous. Yet I do not necessarily categorise any of Dan Brown’s books as such. Yes he doesn’t write literary fiction but dude is good. I like what he did with the Silas character in Da Vinci Code for example. Dan Brown has an almost photographic precision when it comes to describing places. And his books always contain unique, fantastic ideas, not necessarily religious. I’ll surely recommend him again and again without batting an eyelid.

    P.S. Perhaps I might bat an eyelid at anything anti-Christian away. In the end its about sifting the chaff from the grain.


    1. exactly. i agree with everything you said Israel. still expecting your stories too


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