It isn’t every day that you spend one evening with Chimamanda, her parents, Eghosa Imasuen, Binyavanga Wainaina and an army of people who came because we shared a common love- Literature.

The anticipation for this year’s Farafina trust had me in Lagos two days before and on the D-day, three hours early. No Lagos traffic, real or imagined would get in my way. LOL

I knew what to expect from the evening: talks, interactions and people. Especially the people. I had met fabulous people from such literary gatherings before, Alvan, Jessica (@bey_bitrus on twitter), Ebube( @Ebubay on twitter), I was looking forward to meeting a lot more and I did.

I do not know exactly when, but we were at the cocktail area when Chimamanda appeared, I thought she was more beautiful in person. The first time that I saw her TED talk; ‘the danger of a single story’, good friend Kelechi Ahunanya who showed me the video enthused: “Olivia watch out for those eyes”. We were in the same room now, I was definitely watching out for those eyes. LOL


Chimamanda talked a little about why she started the workshop. she shared how validation is important to writers and also how important it is that different approaches to writing be explored with the overall goal of making better the craft, skill and talent of participants of the creative writing workshop.

  All through that evening there was a safety that existed. That you could start a conversation with the person sitting next to you about any literary topic and they will not come up blank: will not look at you like you speak a foreign language. This was validated when my seat neighbour who is a writer (going for an MFA. Which is super cool!) asked for my thoughts on Fiction and its different kinds. It was superb.

The Beat Fm’s Olisa Adibua supplied the conversation all night as compere

D.O.L danced

Binyavanga talked, answered questions- and that was priceless

Eghosa Imasuen told his Doctor-to writer story

I spoke with Chimamanda’s father (and it wasn’t in English) and

Phyno was thrown into the mix. Nobody’s Friday night was better. Nobody!


Olivia @ndubuisithe5th





  1. Clint Eragon · · Reply

    nice and great


  2. thanks Clint. twas super fun


  3. ‘Livia, reading this almost got me jealous, but why should I? It’s obvious you had fun, learned and made some good contact and I feel that will benefit me too in a way. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. im very sure it’ll benefit you.thanks for reading.


  4. Ajuluchukwu · · Reply

    Different stock for different folks. Our dedication to the things we cherish in life runs deep. Most offers same dedication they do to God as they do to money, same to Sex as they do to wine.
    But the literal minds, mehn they dey try. The obsessions of abstract things. Happy you had fun.


    1. wonderfully said Ajuluchukwu. in that evening we were all muggles. no harry potter there at all. lol


  5. Sounds like plenty fun for one night. Kool..


    1. yes to plenty fun. seriously. lol


  6. Ike Chima · · Reply

    Sounds like an amazing experience. Which I could had made it there.


    1. couldn’t make it but read about it. Mission accomplished i guess


  7. You really had a super fabulous time! I’m really glad you went and could talk to all those people. Something happens when you share drinks and have chit chats with experts on a particular field. Views are expressed and exchanged and above all, you learn something, you’ll most definitely will not learn sitting in a class room with notepads and pens in front of some lecturer. I’m really glad you went.


    1. yes i did appreciate talking with both experts and those who like me, came to learn. thanks Deinmo


  8. Anhydrous · · Reply

    Sorry I couldn’t make it down to Lagos although I received the notification about the event and the venue… anyway, It’s all for the greater good sha.
    @Ndubuisithe5th I’m looking at you o


    1. well i’m sure you realise how much you missed. *wink*wink*
      i hope i am safe though


  9. Certainly had fun that night, save an unexpected and rather disappointing occurrence, which only Olivia and I can understand. Literary events always rock. We need more of such.


    1. LOL. yes i do understand perfectly. we will have more. i’m sure Ake is starting soon, the Port Harcourt Book Festival too


    2. Ebube Okechukwu · · Reply

      Hahaha, Isreal what happened tho?


      1. lol. i’m very sure he won’t tell. at least not here


  10. Ebube Okechukwu · · Reply

    it was nice seeing you once again Olivia, I saw Bey_Bitrus as well, couldnt tell if she was spotting a red hair again. My moment of the night was certainly Chimamanda’s response to the man who was almost gonna act tribalistic with his question, however it was a good night save for Israel’s camera which i thought would give me a good picture with Prof. Adichie. I look forward to Ake


    1. you saw bey_bitrus Ebube? unbelievable! didnt know she was there at all. awwwwww now i feel bad i missed her


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