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However by Gerald Egeonu – @giexclusive

Apart from the curious title, something else utterly likable about the book ‘However’ is its conversational narrative. It isn’t your typical spiritual book in that unlike the usual, it does not preach. It teaches, converses if you like. Bold cos it dares to try to answer such questions as: What is evil? What is the […]

Everything Good Will Come – Sefi Atta

I love to read books with interesting titles. And I’ve read quite a few of them. First time I saw this book, it was at the inside back cover of a Farafina book I was reading. I made a mental note immediately. I got it at the UNESCO’s Port Harcourt World Book Capital book exhibition. […]

No Longer at Ease – Chinua Achebe

Our Children are Coming – Chukwuemeka Ike

This book was first published in 1990. You read it whenever, especially in 2014, and it bears a frightening resemblance to Nigeria as it is today. The only other author whose books I call ‘prophetic’ is Achebe but that appears to be the only fit adjective for this nineties mirror of our dear country the […]