Hello everyone, things have been quiet on OpenBookNigeria street because we have been working to move our blog to a new domain. We are pleased to hereby announce our new address: http://www.openbooknigeria.com Do subscribe so as to get updates on what’s new. Plus the much anticipated Port Harcourt Literary Festival is only days away. Check out […]


  Open Book Nigeria will be at the Port Harcourt Literary Festival in October, Africa 39 and all programs of the Port Harcourt UNESCO’s world book capital events. Watch this space for updates about this event.

The soft purring of air-conditioner units and the whirr of money-counters in the bulk room were like the clatter of iron wheels on cobblestone. I was having a bad day, and I knew better than to permit my feelings to interfere with my work; one sissy mistake and I would be shoved out like a […]

I read all Harry Potter books(well most of them) before I saw the movies. In the prisoner of Azkaban the movie, I forgave the movie makers when they excluded, among other things, all of Hermione’s activism for elf rights. I made peace eventually with the fact that the movie adaptation of books will, by their […]

You would read about him twice on Huffington Post on Facebook. I did. It was when, in a picture of him I saw the books beside him that I found him on twitter; there was no way I was going to pass on the opportunity to talk with him about his Grisham, Dan brown, Jodi […]

It isn’t every day that you spend one evening with Chimamanda, her parents, Eghosa Imasuen, Binyavanga Wainaina and an army of people who came because we shared a common love- Literature. The anticipation for this year’s Farafina trust had me in Lagos two days before and on the D-day, three hours early. No Lagos traffic, […]

Henrietta is a darling. Beautiful, smart, confident and catholic. We were great friends but she had major issues with my book collection. “Olivia you can’t be reading that book now”, she told me again in that tone you use when your younger brother who’s taller than you misbehaves and you know you can’t do very […]

  I sat comfortably at the Marquee, Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt on Wole Soyinka Day excited about the events about to unfold. My phone was fully charged and twitter ready. At the Atlantic Hall just across, an International Literature and culture exhibition was ongoing, later in the day there would be VIPs Read to Children, […]

Apart from the curious title, something else utterly likable about the book ‘However’ is its conversational narrative. It isn’t your typical spiritual book in that unlike the usual, it does not preach. It teaches, converses if you like. Bold cos it dares to try to answer such questions as: What is evil? What is the […]

I love to read books with interesting titles. And I’ve read quite a few of them. First time I saw this book, it was at the inside back cover of a Farafina book I was reading. I made a mental note immediately. I got it at the UNESCO’s Port Harcourt World Book Capital book exhibition. […]